Hosted by Humanitarian Finance Forum

We are excited to introduce our ‘Innovative Finance’ side-event taking place at AidEx on 25th October. The event is an opportunity for participants from different sectors to explore how innovative finance can address funding needs for projects in LIC/FCSA settings.

The side event is hosted by Humanitarian Finance Forum a global network that connects humanitarian with resources to access funding through capital markets.

The event is free to attend and you can sign up by registering for AidEx here.


Agenda - 25th October

13:45 – 14:45

New financing approaches to Humanitarian Challenges


Description: The demands on traditional budgets are reaching new highs with the need to address not only global issues (climate change, war in Ukraine) but also domestic fiscal pressures (high inflations, raising interest rates, rising debt). What is the role of financial markets?  And how do we develop new tools for Humanitarian Challenges?

Speakers Include:
- Danny Sriskandarajah, CEO, Oxfam GB
- Andrej Kirn, Head, International Organizations and Humanitarian Agenda, World Economic Forum
- Helen Alderson, Board Member, Humanitarian Finance Forum
- Ingrid van Wees, Director, International Finance Facility for Immunisation
- Patrick Egli, Co-Head of the Economy and Education Section, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation

 15:00 – 16:00

Closing the Financing Gap for Humanitarian Response to Climate Crisis


Description: Climate impacts all aspects of humanitarian and social aid. This session explores and discusses specific projects and initiatives addressing Adaption and supporting Emergency Response.

Speakers Include:
- Cristina Stefan, Lead Risk Finance Adviser, Lead Risk Finance Adviser, Centre for Disaster Protection
- Kara Devonna Siahaan, Head, Anticipation Hub
- Vanina Farber, elea Professor of Social Innovation, EMBA Dean at International Institute of Management Development (IMD)
- Nicolas Boyrie, Global Lead, Disaster Response Emergency Fund (DREF), IFRC

16:15 – 17: 15

Scaling Financing for Humanitarian Needs – New Approaches with Discussion of Live Projects


Description: Develop new financing tools for future for rapidly growing humanitarian needs. How might the sector develop large-scale finance tool for this in the future? How has the Forum helped develop these tools?

Speakers Include:
- Liz Muange, Innovative Finance Adviser, ICRC
- Bjorn Vennema, Co-founder and Managing Director, Social Finance NL
- Siddhartha Sinha, Innovative Finance Officer, UNHCR
- Simon Meldrum, Innovative Finance, Private Sector & Innovation Unit, IFRC



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