Kathleen CharlesSenior investment promotion expert and inclusive finance specialist, working with donors, governments, DFI, banks, local FI and BDS in Africa to stimulate private sector growth and development on the continent. Work in tandem with key local, regional, and international stakeholders, including development partners to conduct field missions throughout Africa to assess competitive advantage for SME business in key economic sectors, including agriculture, arts/crafts, energy, and mining. Forge smart partnerships among public/private stakeholders that lead to the design of innovative finance schemes, especially for women, farmers/SME, and young entrepreneurs. Promote dialogue on key socio-economic issues pertaining to regional economic integration, SME access to finance, climate smart agriculture, SME/women empowerment, export marketing, et al. Help SME/farmers prepare business plans; obtain product certification, and exposure to new markets. Organize and present country case studies, including policy recommendations at workshops sponsored by FAO, UNIDO, CDC, DANIDA and host governments.