From March 17, 2020 to the present day: Director of Cooperation and Partnership for Health at the Ministry of Public Health and National Solidarity;

From 03 Jan. 2019 to 16 March 2020: Head of the Partnership Service with NGOs, Civil Society, Private Sector at the MSP;

From April 22, 2016 to Dec. 2018: Deputy Coordinator of the Health Cooperation Office at the Ministry of Public Health;

November 2015 – February 2016: appointed Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Public Health

January. 2000 to Oct. 2002: LAFICO-TCHAD Director of the clothing factory in Sarh

Nov. 1999 to Oct. 2002: Worked at LAFICO-TCHAD as a Director,

May 1997 to Oct. 1999: Worked at the Swiss Development Cooperation as Manager and Facilitator in the field of breeding in the Batha region, in particular in the fields of professional training for breeders and basic education .

Oct 1996 to May 1997: Worked at the BNF as Head of Post at BILTNE and BOKORO

Oct. 1994/1995: carried out internships in the direction of transport in Algiers (Algeria)

May 1997: Attended a Workshop in Doukour (Abéché)

Nov. 1997: Exchange visit to APESS (Association for Sahelo-Saharan Breeders) of Dori in Burkina Faso.

Dec. 1998: participated in a Workshop at the center of Hellibongo (Sarh) as part of the exchange of experiences between the Swiss Development Cooperation teams in the context of popularization of its agro-sylvo-pastoral approach.

November 2016 participated in the WISH Conference (World Health Innovation Summit) in Doha, Qatar.

April 2017 participated in the National Health Forum and the anniversary ceremony conference of the Salam Center for Cardiac Surgery (EMERGENCY) in Khartoum, Sudan.

April 2017 participated in the Ministerial Conference on China - Africa Health Cooperation. In Pretoria In South Africa;

April 2018 participation in Security and development of Chad-Sudan border regions;

August 2018 carried out a joint supervision mission (MSP - PTF) to the Kanem Regional Health Delegation.