HadiyaHadiya has been working as Conversation Partner at NaTakallam since 2017. The latter is a social enterprise pairing displaced persons with learners around the world for language practice over Skype. NaTakallam offers affordable, flexible, tailored language practice with native speakers for language learners while also providing a valuable income source to displaced people in, among other places, Lebanon, Argentina, Turkey, Yemen, Iraq, Burundi, Egypt, France, Brazil, Italy and Germany. Hadiya also works with INTERSOS in Erbil camp in Iraq. As Education Outreach Volunteer (EOV) Hadiya supports the enrolment of Syrian refugee students who have dropped out of school. At INTERSOS Hadiya also supports Syrian refugee students who have adversely affected by the COVID-19. Hadiya studied English Literature at Damascus University. After Hadiya and her family fled Syria in 2013 and settled in Iraq, Hadiya has been working with many NGOs in Erbil camp. Hadiya speaks Arabic, Kurdish, and English.