Roger ZetterRoger Zetter is Emeritus Professor of Refugee Studies at the University of Oxford and former Director of the Refugee Studies Centre at the University. In an academic career spanning 40 years his research, publications, teaching and consultancy on forced displacement, refugee and humanitarian affairs includes all stages of the ‘refugee cycle’, focusing on institutional and policy dimensions of the refugee and humanitarian ‘regime’, and the impacts on forcibly displaced people. His seminal 1991 paper on ‘Labelling Refugees: Forming and Transforming a Bureaucratic Identity’ in the Journal of Refugee Studies is one of the most widely cited papers in refugee literature. From 1988-2001, he was Founding Editor of the Journal of Refugee Studies (published by OUP). His research and consultancy funders include: UK ESRC, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, Brookings-Bern Project, MPI, ICRC, IFRC, UNHCR, UNDP, UNFPA, UNHabitat, IOM, ILO, EC, World Bank, Governments of Denmark, Finland, Norway, NZ, Switzerland, UK. He has regional expertise in sub-Saharan Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Recent research and consultancy themes include: environmental change and population displacement (MacArthur Foundation, UNHCR, Swiss MFA, Norwegian MFA); development-led responses to the economic costs and impacts of forced displacement (World Bank, KNOMAD, UNDP, Danish MFA, EC, ILO); protection and forced displacement (Swiss Federal Commission for Migration, Swiss MFA, MPI); framing humanitarian principles (IOM). He was team leader for a recently completed Evaluation of ‘Forced Displacement and Finnish Development Policy’ for the Finnish MFA.