Maha SweisMy name is Maha Sweis. I’m a Business Development Coordinator MENA at UMR. I have 10 years’ experience in business management, marketing and social work. I began my career in business and marketing for 4 years and then shifted to social work, human rights and working with NGOs for 6 years. I’m passionate about human rights and women’s rights in particular.

I have studied BA in languages; English Literature and Spanish at the university of Jordan. Then I moved to work in Marketing for the private sector in Jordan. After working in the business management and marketing, I have decided to do my first masters in Business Management and I took my MBA degree from the New York Institute of Technology from New York. After that, I kept on working in the marketing and public relations sector. Four years into that, I realized how much I loved social work and volunteering, so I went ahead to work with HRH Hassan bin Talal on social cohesion, refugees and climate change as a researcher and event coordinator. After that, I was called to go to Spain to give soft skills, English and positive thinking training courses as I’m a freelance trainer as well. Going back to Jordan, I went along and worked with INJAZ. I worked as a Partnership Coordinator; in fundraising and proposal writing. I went to Berlin after that and spent three years studying Social Work and Human Rights and working with refugees in Germany. Lastly, I went back to Jordan to work with UMR as a Proposal Writer and Business Development Coordinator MENA.