SylvanaSylvana Lakkis is the Second Vice President of DPI
Chair of the Arab Forum of persons with disabilities
President of the LUPD

Sylvana Lakkis has been active with LUPD since 1986. Currently, she has been the acting President of LUPD and Chairperson of the Regional Arab bureau of Disabled People’s International. She is also the second vice president of DPI .She has contributed in founding the Arab Forum for the rights of persons with disabilities which she currently chair .Sylvana Lakkis has used her renowned expertise to further develop campaigns and projects dealing with inclusive policies. She has provided consultations to the Ministries of Education, Information, Labor, Social Affairs, Public Works and Transportation, Finance and has been appointed twice as a consultant for The Ministers of Social Affairs on disability issues related to inclusion and disability rights. She was appointed as a member of the Elections Supervisory Committee as a representative for civil society in year 2018.

Ms. Lakkis has managed several national and regional projects; she has worked with regional disability actors and experts. In addition, Ms. Lakkis has contributed in developing national and regional strategies for various public institutions , such as(decrees and circulars), Major plans were set with the ministry of transportation and public works in order to include accessibility criteria within public transportation as well as instigating and contributing in the process of making the Chouf preserve accessible and able to accommodate people with disabilities. Nevertheless, Ms. Lakkis’ work went on through to reach municipalities and the tourism sector whereby meetings and negotiations generated goals and plans which helped make the environment accessible whereby public spaces and touristic sites mobilized inclusion and accessibility. She has also conducted many training in regional countries on inclusive policies in addition to carrying out assessments for political rights in the region. She is an international associate for the Employers Forum. Ms. Lakkis' vast experience in issues related to human rights, inclusion, and diversity has resulted in making her the ideal candidate for consultations with ministries on issues related to the rights of persons with disabilities. She has also supervised and contributed in the production of many different tools on disability and human rights. She has participated and represented disability coalitions and LUPD in global conferences on issues of accessibility, civic, and political rights for persons with disabilities and employment issues. Developed a network of Community business community representative and civil society and DPOs to promote inclusion.

Mis.Lakkis is a public speaker and has been attending most of the UN HIGH LEVEL FORUM at the United nation in NY .
Ms.Lakkis was chosen as the Most Powerful Lebanese Woman for 2008 for being the voice of reason after May 7, 2008. She headed the No to war, yes to dialogue" campaign that organized the airport roadside protest/sit-in that escorted the Lebanese politicians, right before their departure to Doha in May 20, 2008 holding signs that read “If you do not agree, do not come back”. Ms.Lakkis has also developed many policy papers related to the rights of women with disabilities.