JoJo Ruxton is a passionate campaigner for the oceans she started the first marine programme for WWF in Hong Kong being a key advocate for the establishment of the first marine parks there.

She was a Producer and the BBC Natural History Unit and was a lead member of the BBC’s diving team, producing and directing underwater sequences since the first days of filming on Blue Planet in 1997.

Disappointed in the lack of conservation messages in the BBC films she worked on, she left in 2008 to work independently and when she started to hear about the problem of plastic waste in the oceans, she produced, A Plastic Ocean, the multi-award-winning Netflix documentary film that was released in 2017 in more than 70 countries. She founded the charity, Ocean Generation, to continue the legacy of the film through education and outreach programmes which are not expanding to address wider ocean issues in line with the UN Decade of Ocean Science

Ocean Generation | UK Charity No. 1139843