Susan jobling Professor Susan Jobling is a specialist in creating and leading collaborative research and enterprise programmes focusing on the health and healing of people and the environment. She holds Professorships in both Collaborative Enterprise and in Environmental Toxicology at Brunel University London. Her work over the past three decades has focused on the safety of both chemicals and medicines risks and has been influential in the development of widespread controls on some environmental contaminants. Susan has a passion for leadership and management and has strong interpersonal communication skills, critical to keeping interdisciplinary teams interacting, cohesive, and on course. Until very recently, she was Founder and Director of an interdisciplinary research Institute of Environment, Health and Societies at Brunel University London, which brought together more than 150 researchers from across three Colleges, combining social, health and environmental sciences with engineering and design to enable novel, cross-disciplinary research approaches. Currently she is leading a large interdisciplinary and intersectoral research, innovation and action programme, Plastics in Indonesian Societies; (PISCES), that aims to understand and manage the risks posed by plastic pollution, providing evidence-based solutions and system change interventions under a circular economy framework. PISCES will break down silos between disciplines and sectors and connect high quality academic research with key local and global partner innovation and action programmes. This in turn will enable exploration of which interventions, policies and regulations can mitigate the risks posed by plastic pollution and deliver impact through coordination and leverage of plastics value chain innovation and policy enablers, and by mobilising local communities and coalitions of senior leaders.