Sourosh headshotDr Soroush Abolfathi is the thematic lead in Environmental Sustainability of the Global Research Priorities at the University of Warwick, and Assistant Professor in the School of Engineering. He has over 10 years of experience in monitoring and modelling environmental pollution, sustainable water management, and application of nature-based solutions for environmental pollution and flood mitigation. Dr Abolfathi research outputs are published in leading international journals in the field of water engineering and environmental sciences. His research has been supported by UKRI, international research councils, NGOs and philanthropic organizations. In recent years, he developed research programme to tackle plastic waste problems across Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Dr Abolfathi is the principal investigator for PREEVENT-Malaysia which is an ambitious cross-disciplinary programme that aims to establish the basis and pathway for change to a circular plastic economy , creating value from recycled resource and thereby protecting environmental and human health.