3Immie is a passionate individual, who believes passion drives excellency. With a Master’s degree in Business Administration, and over 12 years working as a country Director for Hope for Children, she spearheaded the organisation in Uganda - taking it from only 2 projects with £1000, to over 14 projects with a Budget of over £500,000.

Her role at Hope for Children contributes to the overall stratetgy, mission, vision and objectives of the organization - overseeing all of HOPE’s work in Uganda. An accomplished self-starter and a resourceful non-profit leader, with vast experience in human resources, child safeguarding, program-development, policy-development and implementation, project management, social change, and organisational management; she, together with HOPE, has built a lasting legacy in Uganda and specifically in the Namuwongo community.

Having always wanted to work with children, her drive is to create change where there is need; to enable every child, regardless of their circumstance, to feel and know that they can live happy, positive, and fulfilled lives. Besides her fantastic work with HOPE, Immie works with children in other spaces. 6 months ago she started a consultation firm which is geared towards empowering and supporting organizations, practitioners, companies, and families to encourage them to put children at the center of everything they do - putting social change and impact in the hands of those that need it the most.

Immie is a great storyteller, mother, wife, sister, friend, and woman who loves reading and dancing. Inspired by the world around her she is an open-minded individual who is unable to witness injustice without taking action.