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Aidex 2018, The Global Humanitarian & Development and Event

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Based in the UK, USA and Singapore, Durbin sources and distributes medical equipment, pharmaceuticals and consumables to healthcare professionals in over 180 countries including the developing world and areas affected by natural disasters. Durbin works with small charities, large NGO’s, multilateral agencies and governments.



Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings Ltd, established in 1996, is Toyota Motor Corporation’s official supplier of ex-stock Toyota vehicles and parts to aid and humanitarian agencies worldwide. A one-stop shop combining vehicles, parts, conversions, logistics, insurance, Toyota warranty, 24/7
after-sales support and technical and driver training. TGS. More than just cars.

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CONCORD is the European NGO confederation for Relief and Development. Its 28 national associations, 21 international networks and 3 associate members represent over 2,600 NGOs which are supported by millions of citizens across Europe. CONCORD is the main interlocutor with the EU institutions on development policy, aiming to strengthen the impact of European development NGOs and to positively influence the European Development policies for a fair, just and sustainable world.

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Reporting on the European Union since 2000, EUobserver is an independent, not-for-profit news organisation that publishes daily news reports, analyses and investigations from Brussels and the EU member states. We are an indispensable news source for anyone who wants to know what is going on in the EU.  

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One World

One World Media is a non-profit organisation that supports international journalism and promotes media coverage of global issues. For nearly 30 years we have been working with partners in the UK and internationally to enable media that informs and connects the world’s people.

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Development Finance

Development Finance is the first global magazine for donors, development finance institutions, development agencies, the private sector and non-governmental organisations which highlights and analyses where capital is being mobilised most effectively for the global south, in particular in terms of financing development in the secondary cities of Latin America, Asia and Africa.

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DevelopmentAid is a European social enterprise working in the field of international development cooperation. DevelopmentAid is the leading, innovative membership organisation providing comprehensive information services for the international developmental sector. By providing a nexus of funding opportunities, expertise, and carefully curated data, DevelopmentAid specialises in connecting donors, agencies, consultancy firms, NGOs, and individual professionals in the international development field. 
The website is an advanced online communication platform where stakeholders can publish and consult information about international tenders, jobs, organisations and experts in the international developmental sector. 

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European Sting

The European Sting is the new online, Brussels based, European media that was born to bring a different critical and truly independent angle to European News and Affairs. The Sting is giving every day the fierce fight for a better and stronger European Union through constructive criticism and unique insights. We are treating daily in a unique way European Politics, Economics, Foreign Affairs, Business and ICT Agenda. We are committed to bridge the gap between Brussels and the EU member states by freely voicing the views of every European citizen. Tired of reading the basics? Visit and be part of the Hive that disrupts European Media.


Avenir Analytics is a consulting firm specialised in supporting organisations working in humanitarian assistance and development aid to improve organisational and operational efficiency and effectiveness to better help people affected by disaster and poverty. Its expertise is derived from decades of experience working with a diverse range of partners on multifaceted and complex issues in all regions of the world.

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Fleet Forum

Fleet Forum was formed in 2003 to encourage, facilitate, and develop relationships between humanitarian aid and development organisations all over the world. It has grown to encompass commercial transport organizations that share concerns about road safety, green practices, and fleet efficiency. It is an interagency association of more than 40 members, including NGOs, international organisations, the UN, academic institutions, donors, and corporate partners.

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IntJobs is the Jobsite for International Affairs - attracting candidates with experience in international policy, development, economics, communication and law. Jobs listed are in international organisations like the UN, development agencies, development consultants, NGOs and associations. Candidate skills include human rights, democracy, legal, and economic analysis and international policy work.


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Crisis Response Journal is the international publication focusing on response, resilience, continuity and security issues arising from large scale natural and man-made disasters, emergencies and terrorist attacks. CRJ analyses past events to draw vital lessons for the future, while constantly scanning the horizon to identify and help mitigate new threats.

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The International Association of Communication Activists is a 2.0 association founded in 2012. IACACT's mission is intended to support the communication of small non-profit organizations which operate in different areas of the society. Our goal is to build an effective partnership between the world of communication and the non-profit world, to strengthen awareness of the messages reported by voluntary organizations about issues or problems of public interest. IACACT aims to give visibility to the world of the non-profit sector and further develop the concepts of promoting social and environmental responsibility, education and action.

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HLA promotes and supports professional development initiatives within the global humanitarian logistics community of practice. It acts as a neutral interface to leverage knowledge, information and capability across humanitarian organisations.

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PHAP is an individual-based professional association bringing together all parts of the humanitarian sector. The association engages its membership and wider network to identify and examine key challenges for humanitarian action, develop a shared body of knowledge, and provide support services for humanitarian practitioners.

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The Diplomatic Courier is an independent global affairs magazine that connects current foreign policy practitioners to the next generation of leaders. 

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ReliefWeb is the leading humanitarian information source on global crises and disasters. It is a specialized digital service of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). We provide reliable and timely information, enabling humanitarian workers to make informed decisions and to plan effective response. We collect and deliver key information, including the latest reports, maps and infographics and videos from trusted sources.

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IRIN is one of the world’s leading sources of on-the-ground reporting and expert analysis on humanitarian crises and the trends that shape them. Our award-winning frontline journalism tells the local story globally, in informed, evocative and innovative ways to improve decision-making, promote transparency and accountability, and raise awareness, ultimately driving more effective and accountable humanitarian action.

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Secours Mag is the unique professional magazine dedicated to the entire rescue and emergency ecosystem. Secours Mag brings you in the field with first-aid workers all over the world. It's also a technical tool for professionals (firefighters, paramedics, SAR, EMS, institutions, volunteers from NGOs, local governments, etc.)

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