• Khar and Partners is a European biotech start-up focused on developing innovative technologies for agriculture and engineering. The Romanian-based team is made up of researchers, pharmacists and agronomic engineers who collaborate with the Institute of Montanology in Cristian. Since 2013, the company has developed three technologies: a hydroponic greenhouse system, a horse feed supplement and a water filtration system. Khar and Partners will present their water filtration system, SOWAT, at AidEx 2016 (stand A90).

  • AidEx 2016 exhibitor The Female Health Company (FHC) is on a mission to ensure universal access to the female condom. Through its cross-sectoral and local partnerships in 144 countries, it seeks not only to improve sexual health, but also to empower women and local communities the world over.

  • Every year, we choose a conference theme for AidEx that we hope reflects the most interesting and current conversations taking place in the humanitarian and development sectors. In this sixth year of the event, we’ve opted for ‘localisation’, which I broadly define as the ongoing effort to give communities in need of aid and development assistance a more decisive role in shaping what this assistance looks like.

  • Operating throughout South East Asia, D’Well Research is a market research company with expertise in ethnographic research. They will be exhibiting at AidEx 2016 in Brussels on 16-17 November.
  • AidEx 2016 exhibitor Al-Khair Foundation (AKF) is one of the UK’s largest Muslim charities, engaging in a variety of programmes involving emergency aid and humanitarian support in 29 countries. In Kenya, their 24-hour Maternal Health Facility is bringing crucial medical support to mothers and newborns in the world’s largest refugee camp. 

  • What happens when the leading supplier of Toyota vehicles for use by the UN, NGOs and governmental organisations join hands with a supplier of bespoke insurance solutions for expatriates? The result is a set of tailor-made fleet solutions for humanitarian aid professionals, to help them do their often dangerous and risky jobs more safely and securely.
  • AidEx 2015 exhibitor Dunster House is a supplier of timber garden products across the UK, which has branched out into humanitarian work, providing solutions to the sanitation challenges faced by vulnerable communities every day. We caught up with the company’s founder Chris Murphy, to hear about their ongoing work with Oxfam to improve sanitation solutions in humanitarian situations, as well their innovative collaboration with the University of the West of England.

  • Butyl Products Ltd. is a UK-based engineering company specialising in the design, development and manufacture of liquid containment applications. They have been working with global aid agencies, international relief agencies and national governments since 1965, responding to emergency/humanitarian aid situations and as part of planned infrastructure development projects. 

  • Envirofit is a social enterprise designing, producing, and selling efficient, durable and affordable cookstoves that create environmental, health, and social impacts for homes and institutions in developing nations. They will be exhibiting at AidEx on 18-19 November on stand B73. We caught up with CEO Ron Bills to discuss their “One Million Cookstoves” initiative. 

  • Consult Hyperion is a consultancy which specialises in secure electronic transactions. Here they discuss how they used technology familiar on the European or North American high street to deliver much needed government funds to rural farmers in Nigeria. Consult Hyperion will be exhibiting at AidEx on stand D70/K.
  • Disaster Tech Lab helps reconnect communities that have been disconnected in disaster zones. Here Evert Bopp, Founder of Disaster Tech Lab, discusses their collaboration efforts with another AidEx exhibitor, Globalstar, on the island of Lesbos. Evert Bopp will be speaking at the AidEx conference on 19 November on the topic of “Collaboration and Innovation”. 
  • GravityLight’s mission is to eliminate kerosene lamps and their damaging effects, by creating innovative solutions to empower those without electricity. Visit them at AidEx on stand G14. 
  • Foreign exchange is a vital component of your international operations. Lawrence Titterton, Chairman of Alongside Africa, explains: “It is important for all NGOs operating in developing countries to secure good foreign exchange rates, and this is particularly relevant for small NGOs. Whilst the overall value of their transactions may be lower, the impact on local operations and on the income and expenditure account can be proportionately higher.” seat to talk to our specialists.

  • Diamedica manufacture medical equipment for use in challenging environments where infrastructure is lacking, in field hospitals and in humanitarian relief situations. We caught up with Carol Newman, Charities Liaison Officer at Diamedica, to hear about their recent collaboration with the International Organization for Women and Development (IOWD).

  • AidEx caught up with Niels Ramm, Project Manager at the UN Global Marketplace (UNGM) to hear how they work. The UNGM is the United Nations’ common procurement portal which brings together UN procurement staff and the worldwide vendor community and will be at AidEx this year on Stand D63.
  • Glad’s House works with street children and young people in Mombasa, Kenya, providing them with the resources and means to leave the streets permanently and reintegrate into society. 

  • As the leading global forum for humanitarian aid and development professionals of all stripes, the input and expertise of several highly-respected individuals from within these communities – gathered together as the AidEx Steering Committee – is essential to delivering a quality event year after year. 

  • NRS International is a leading designer and manufacturer of core relief items, public health products and solar solutions. The devastating earthquake that shook Nepal took 9,000 lives and destroyed more than 600,000 houses and also left many monasteries without basic necessitates. Here, Martina Aureli and Nicole Malick discuss the work NRS International carried out in Nepal earlier this year and their continued support.
  • Ahead of AidEx 2015 taking place in Brussels on 18 and 19 November, we caught up with exhibitor Durbin, one of the world’s leading specialist distributors of pharmaceuticals, medical and relief supplies, which distributes to over 180 countries and sources products from 64 different countries, to discuss the benefits of collaboration with MPOWERD.
  • Last weekend, the UN met in New York City to adopt the Sustainable Development Goals. Partnerships were a key issue on the agenda. While effective collaboration can present a myriad of challenges, it is essential to achieving results. We spoke with AidEx exhibitor SkyLIFE, an organisation which develops aerial humanitarian relief delivery systems, about how the SDGs will impact their work and collaboration with NGOs.
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