Aidex Voices

1. Can you tell us a little about your company and product/service? What problems do you aim to tackle?

Greenco Water was founded in 2012 as an ethical investor in providing water and other fluid storage solutions to the world using Australian ingenuity.We saw a need for a single-family size tank that would be easily transportable in a disassembled format, to assist in the humanitarian need for storing water. We wanted to solve the problem of moving empty containers around, costing NGO’s enormous amounts of money, for little value.

That problem had not been solved using existing technologies, so we spent over two years developing the Pak Flat Tank, taking advantage of developments from the last 10 years in plastics, metals and computer modelling.

After 43 design iterations, we arrived at the design that was released in August 2014, and available in June 2015 in commercial quantities.

The Pak Flat Tank now allows hard-hit communities to easily install water storage within days of a disaster or other humanitarian crisis, with tanks already in storage in warehouses around the world, by organisations as diverse as Save The Children, Oxfam, and Rotary.

2. In one sentence, tell us why your product/service should win the Aid Innovation Award?

Our product provides an enormous return on investment, as it provides water to families when and where they need it most, is environmentally sound; able to be set up or removed in minutes, a nd can be taken by the people back to their homes when it becomes possible, leaving no trace, and giving them a reliable source of water for years.

3. What does it mean to you to have been nominated for the award?

We are extremely proud to have been nominated for the award. An enormous effort has gone on behind the scenes with this product, and there are many people who deserve credit in helping us reach our current position, and in continuing to assist us as we try to provide solutions to helping those in the direst need.

4. Have you already used your product/service in the field? Please share any local case studies you may have.

Our product has already been used in response to Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu, Cyclone Winston in Fiji, and in the Itokama region of Papua New Guinea to give women and children immediate access to community water resources instead of trekking half a kilometre to a community well (see the video sent in support of our application).

5. This year’s AidEx conference theme is “Localisation” – what does localisation mean to you?

Localisation means providing recovering communities with the means to support themselves and support new or re-generated activity – economic, educational, health and happiness with the least long-term reliance on external NGO’s and other support institutions. To make sure the community is self -sustaining and generates enough activity to provide meaningful work, education and other activities for its residents.