Aidex Voices

The Antenna Foundation is an organisation committed to researching technological, health and economic solutions to meet the basic needs of marginalised populations in developing countries. In the water sector, a simple tool was developed to provide access to safe water and hygiene to local communities.

The focus of Antenna Foundation develop and transfer is affordable, efficient, durable and simple technologies, designed and adapted with input from their ELD partners. As founder Denis von der Weid explains, “Half of the world’s population does not have access to basic necessities, yet scientific research is not interested in this.” He set out to tackle this issue.

Twenty-five years later, the foundation now sends its solutions to all four corners of the planet. For instance, WATA devices are used to purify large quantities of water via an an electrolysis process that transforms salt water into chlorine. This is urgently necessary. According to figures released by the World Health Organisation (WHO), 663 million people in the world did not have access to clean, safe water last year, with the majority of these people residing in sub-Saharan Africa (319 million) and south Asia (134 million).

The Antenna Foundation works with partner companies to adapt its technology, and make products more affordable and user friendly. Antenna also collaborates with international organisations, local NGOs and governments to maximise networks, resources and results.

Partnering with businesses creates jobs, ensures greater access to products, and increases local community revenues. Such efforts become self-perpetuating in the end.