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United Nations Global Compact member Conrico International export motor vehicles, power generators and machinery to international organisations within the aid and development sector, as well as operating dealer development networks in Africa and the developing world.

Transportation can make or break an aid project. In the wake of a humanitarian emergency, vulnerable communities urgently need food, water and essential supplies to survive. But environments can often be volatile, making delivery of these items extremely difficult.

Landscapes vary greatly from country to country, and many are difficult to navigate at the best of times. But following a natural disaster, infrastructure is often damaged, meaning usual routes become inaccessible. Debris needs to be cleared as quickly as possible to begin the process of rebuilding, but in most cases, communities do not have the necessary equipment to hand. This can leave small communities trapped and isolated. Adequate transportation solutions are essential in ensuring not only the success of a project, but also the safety of aid workers and the communities they are trying to help.

As well as having appropriate transport and equipment, it’s vitally important that NGOs work with local experts who know the landscapes and can provide logistical support. Access to this kind of expertise can ensure that humanitarian organisations are using the best possible machinery for the task in hand, which reduces the risk of a project being derailed at a late stage by equipment failure. Avoiding this kind of failure is important for NGOs, who often have neither the time nor the funding to replace equipment.

Conrico International aims to provide vehicle solutions for all markets and aid projects, big or small, as well as mitigating risk as much as possible for organisations when deploying workers or delivering life-saving aid.

From its humble beginnings importing Land Rovers into Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania in the 1950s, Conrico International has developed into an international exporter. They are now members of the United Nations Global Compact, and supply vehicles, parts, and accessories to non-governmental organisations and UN agencies working in the developing world. Conrico partners with a number of trusted manufacturers to provide a wide range of vehicles, as well as using local in-country experts to ensure that the right products arrive correctly configured and are deployed as quickly as possible.
Conrico continues to develop dealer networks in Africa to create local profit and local business. In many cases, having a more local source can also speed up the deployment of vehicles, so communities and families are not left waiting for the aid they desperately need.