Aidex Voices

The Mauve Group is a provider of global mobility business solutions and consultancy service, offering solutions to global challenges in more than 60 countries.

Nowadays, the world is closer than ever. Thanks to technological and industrial developments, global mobility is easier. Globalisation is accelerating at a rapid pace, bringing many benefits for companies who embrace it. As well as products and finances, ideas and cultures move freely across national borders, creating laws, economies and social movements on an international scale. 

But keeping up with this ever-expanding, interconnected world is not without complications. In any organisation, expanding globally can be a difficult process. Developing global projects brings a lot of challenges, as aspects like funding, staffing and fully understanding new markets need to be carefully considered before launching a project. 

For aid organisations, these problems are exacerbated. Most aid workers work in unstable, high-risk areas, where worker safety and risk mitigation become paramount. What’s more, aid projects are often extremely time-sensitive, particularly in the wake of natural disasters or humanitarian emergencies, and they are constrained by strict budgets. 

Nonetheless, the aid sector must overcome these challenges to develop and maintain competitive advantages just like the for-profit sector. Mauve aims to help with this.

The Mauve Group’s network spans sixty countries, which means they can provide up-to-date, localised knowledge to help get aid projects off the ground. Third-party providers like Mauve can often act as a litmus test for NGOs, giving them the opportunity to discuss and test their ideas with in-country teams before committing valuable resources to a project which may not be viable. Mauve’s emphasis on employing local experts also means that, in many countries, there is already an experienced team on the ground. This speeds up the often time-consuming and logistically difficult task of deploying aid workers into a new country. 

In a world where horizons are constantly broadening, organisations like Mauve remind us that the most successful projects are built not on large-scale entrepreneurship and big thinking, but on sharing localised knowledge.