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What happens when the leading supplier of Toyota vehicles for use by the UN, NGOs and governmental organisations join hands with a supplier of bespoke insurance solutions for expatriates? The result is a set of tailor-made fleet solutions for humanitarian aid professionals, to help them do their often dangerous and risky jobs more safely and securely.

The collaboration between Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings (TGS) and Clements Worldwide came about as the best partnerships do: through recognition of a mutual need. Humanitarian organisations purchasing vehicles from TGS wanted in-country vehicle insurance to come as part of the TGS vehicle supply service. Meanwhile, Clements Worldwide learned from their interactions with aid workers that they needed tailored solutions, to help them in reaching natural disaster victims, warzones, and isolated communities and to mitigate some of the practical challenges which can cause dangerous delays in delivering aid to those who need it most.

Subsequently, TGS and Clements worked together to design an end-to-end fleet protection program specifically for humanitarian aid organisations. This includes anti-theft and safety features, paired with optional driver training from TGS, and customised fleet insurance from Clements.

One of the key challenges to fleet safety is implementing programmes of education and training which improve the drivers’ understanding of the vehicle and how to drive in a more responsible and safe manner - hence the need for driver training administered by TGS. Such programmes help spread the word about safety and security, and all those who receive the training can pass on lessons learned to drivers and technicians in their various work groups. Meanwhile, Clements’ customised fleet insurance is designed specifically for the challenging circumstances faced by aid workers, from extreme weather to war and terrorism, and nascent infrastructure, such as roads and repair facilities.

As Chris Beck, President of Clements Worldwide, has highlighted, the partnership between TGS and Clements is designed to help life-saving organisations manage fleet expenses efficiently, while also prioritising the safety of staff and beneficiaries first. This is more essential than ever at a time when “the need for humanitarian aid has never been greater”, noted Frederic Burgod, Sales Director of Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings.

Clements and TGS began testing the partnership in 2013 and already have over 60 shared customers. Guaranteeing the safety of aid workers especially in challenging mission assignments is vital to the overall success of an aid operation. The combination of TGS’s enduring commitment to building high-performance vehicles with Clements’ global insurance expertise has and will continue to ensure peace of mind for both companies’ customers, safe in the knowledge that they are prepared for every eventuality.