Aidex Voices

Amgad Morgan is the founder of Hope, and winner of the individual category of the 2014 Aid Innovation Challenge. The Hope app is a mobile platform which builds a fast and reliable channel between blood donors and those who require blood and has the potential to overcome one of the biggest challenges across the planet. Last month, Amgad chatted to us about what winning the award meant and gave us an update on Hope’s recent developments.

A lot has changed over the past year since winning the Aid Innovation Challenge at AidEx. The Hope app is now available on Android, iPhone and Windows operating systems and in 8 different languages spanning the globe from India to Argentina.

We have also just concluded an exclusive sponsorship agreement with Egypt Telecom who will become the prime sponsor for Hope. As part of this collaboration, we will be launching both online and offline campaigns across Egypt in a bid to turn Hope into a national project.

This does not mean encouraging people to download and make use of the app, but also teaching people about the various types of blood diseases that currently exist. Last month we also held a blood drive at Egypt Telecom’s offices which helped generate more awareness around our project.

Winning the AidEx Aid Innovation Challenge was a real boost for us. It increased the interest in making Hope available in other countries and showed that it was viable to translate the app to different places.

We now have partners in several countries. They take the software and introduce it to their own region. It’s international links such as these that makes an international event such as AidEx so worthwhile. And not just meeting people but actually exchanging ideas with them and getting inspiration from them, too.

If I were to give advice to those thinking of entering the Aid Innovation Challenge this year, I think I would tell them three things.

First, is to keep it simple. It seems as though there are too many ideas to solve existing problems and this creates complications.

Second, a good entrepreneur has to be willing to accept failure. Failing is necessary in order to succeed as only by failing do you get the courage to have more ideas and keep going.

Finally, I always like to have complete feedback in order to learn and listen from the projects I am working on. Yes, you may need help along the way with certain elements of your venture, but when it comes to collecting feedback, do this yourself. It might take a bit longer but it’s amazing what you can learn by aggregating that information and it gives you a clear and honest picture of where you’re heading and what you need to adapt.