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SATcase™ - a waterproof case which enables the use of truly global satellite communications using the SAMSUNG Galaxy S4 smartphone where there is no mobile coverage - has been created with knowledge gained from working in the IT and Telecoms Industries for over 25 years, as well as first-hand experience working in satellite communications for search and rescue operations in challenging environments.

SatcaseIn today’s world, the appetite for adventure is at an all-time high. But despite all the preparation and training which goes into extreme expeditions, things can go catastrophically wrong. People still get lost in the wilderness, suffer freak accidents or are captured by a hostile party.

When your only means of communication is a smart-phone but you are out of signal range, the situation can be grim.

The risks are even greater for lone workers and aid workers on humanitarian missions in disaster and war zones. We have all heard the horror stories of dropping off the radar entirely while on mission.

As a helicopter pilot and a child of a UN family, I’m only too aware of the operating dangers faced by those working in such hazardous environments. That’s why I came up with the idea for which SATcase™. Due to be unveiled for the first time at AidEx, SATcase™ is a potentially life-saving piece of technology which converts a smart phone to a satellite phone so you can stay in touch even when all terrestrial signals have failed.

When it comes to personal safety – and personnel safety – there’s a huge gap between smart-phone technology and established satellite communications, leaving remote workers vulnerable. Now, there’s a single device which is a game-changer in terms of search and rescue. It is able to transform an everyday smart phone into a satellite phone, able to transmit an SOS signal, be activated remotely and trigger a search & rescue operation.

Compact and robust, SATcase™ is designed for today’s adventurers, heroes and humanitarians – even if we hope they won’t ever need to use it.