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These two organisations have partnered to develop a mobile curriculum that will be easily scaled to support the growth of 10 million entrepreneurs in the next 30 years.

Empowered and sustainable communities are built when people work together, and that is what the partnership between Promise Hub and Funzi is all about.  Collaboration between Promise Hub and Funzi sparked when Co-Founders Harald Neidhart and Dave Erickson, as well as Funzi Founder Aape Pohjavirta discussed the creation of Promise Hub; hubs that combine entrepreneurship and the use of mobile, to provide local communities with opportunities that will empower them to create jobs and add sustainable value to their society.

As initial steps, Promise Hub’s local impact team have made use of a mobile course for project management and facilitation skills, tailored from Promise Hub’s content, alongside Funzi’s flagship entrepreneurship course, Founder 101. Founder 101 has allowed the team to expand their skills as future forces of impact in their community. Skills that enable them to foster entrepreneurship, inspire creativity, promote sustainability, and support their communities in creating jobs and opportunities.

The Founder 101 entrepreneurship course promotes inclusive entrepreneurship - for everyone, everywhere, regardless of their social, economic, or cultural background. It enables learners to build the skills and growth mindset they need to become an entrepreneur. The course delves into the different perspectives and roles of an entrepreneur, developing basic skills in product development, innovation, sales, marketing, finance, organisation, management, and leadership.

And as the course is there to support the local team in realising their own potential, we wanted to hear what their experience was like, and how the skills they’ve learned will be able to help them as impact members.

1. What was your experience like learning the Founder 101 mobile course?

“With Founder 101, I added many new entrepreneur skills, and to know that it is better to be proactive and honest when we want to start a business or a company.” - Moses Hilali

The impact team members learned a lot about entrepreneurship. Joseph Kiza Kashulike wanted to highlight the important skills he was able to develop, including “how to be a good leader, how to plan a project, how to manage a project.” And Rehema Matabaro Blandine said that the course enabled her to “discover new things that add a sense in my life.

Impact team member Patrick Muvunga Trickpa even said that he did not expect the course to be so enjoyable. He was first hesitant to start, “but when I started, I found it very practical and easy to use in a way that I wanted to finish all the courses the same day because it made me feel happy.”

2. How has the course been useful for you as an impact team member?

“The course was a miracle because it responded to my questions about being a good mentor, successful entrepreneur, and the course boosted my confidence!” - Moise Kasungu

 The Founder 101 course gave impact team members the tools they need to encourage and support entrepreneurial activities in their local community. It helped build Deborah Kasavubu, Joyce Kiza, and Moses Saramembe’s confidence as entrepreneurs, and improved their communication skills. It enabled the team to discover themselves as mentors and leaders - traits that will help them lead the community in the right direction and make a difference. Joseph Kiza Kashulike quoted Nelson Mandela when he said, “education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world”, and he believes that “Founder 101 is one of the main weapons for doing this in our different communities.”

 Rehema Matabaro Blandine was reminded of the importance of working together and working smart in order to achieve success as she quotes from the course: "If you want to go quick, go alone, and if you want to go far, go together." Working together is how we can build great things.

3. How do you think the program will work with more participants in Nakivale?

 Promise Hub’s local impact team members have several ideas on how they could deliver the programme and maximize the impact with actual participants in Nakivale. Moise Kasungu, Joseph Kiza Kashulike, and Deborah Kasavubu talk about how they can leverage social media platforms to spread the course, whilst Alphonse Kalegera Majaliwa, Joyce Kiza, Moses Hilali, and Moses Saramembe note that they will include Funzi mobile learning as a part of their program sessions. They are hoping to share their experiences with new members and use the sessions to discuss the learnings together as well as offer support.

 Patrick Muvunga Trickpa discusses how to further spread the impact of this program as he suggests other entrepreneurship initiatives, such as Opportunigee, to make use of the Founder 101 course and reach more people.