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Barriers to integration may start with language, but culture is an equally significant challenge for immigrant adjustment.

Which is why the Art Museum of Joensuu Onni and Museum of North Carelia Hilma created a multilingual guide to use on the Nomadi app.

Integration routes are situated inside the museum premises in Joensuu, Northern Karelia, near the Russian border.

The main aim is to support immigrant’s integration into everyday life and provide an understanding of the cultural context and local language. 

The mobile guidance routes are just one feature of the museum’s Asylum Project, coordinated by the Helinä Rautavaara Museum. This nationwide project was established to support refugees and immigrants’ integration, capacity building and encourage their active and affluent citizenship. 

The Nomadi mobile guide for the exhibitions of Onni and Hilma is available in Finnish, English, Russian, and Arabic, but particularly suited to visitors who are learning Finnish.

How to adapt to a new language in a new country 

The city of Turku has made five routes on Citynomadi that introduce you to the city's history and culture in Plain Finnish language. These routes are for everyone, but especially for immigrants to adapt the complicated Finnish language and the context. 

The main aim of these routes are to incentivise immigrants to interact with local people whilst adapting to the new language with helpful narratives and storytelling features.

The content is divided into five different themes and they all are available at the immigrant site on the website here.

The themes are: 

  • River, church and marketplace
  • Library, market hall and museum of pharmacy
  • Culture and sports
  • Ruissalo
  • Prison and the great fire of Turku  

Nomadi’s app was showcased at AidEx in Brussels last week and you can download it for free via to discover the Joensuu art museum routes.