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TGS and TerraMar partnered to technologically optimise one of Toyota’s best vehicles, and they will be showcasing it live in Brussels this November at AidEx.

In AidEx Brussels on 14 and 15 November 2018, Toyota Gibralter Stockholdings (TGS) will feature one of their most important models, the Land Cruiser Pick-Up Double cabin, fitted with an abundance of extra equipment. They will also be joined by their partners TerrMar Networks who will discuss how their asset management tracking system and software can help their customers to manage vehicle fleets more effectively.

In 2010, TGS were exploring opportunities to provide advice and additional services to its customers relating to fleet management and driver training. TerraMar had identified the International aid and development sector as a good fit for the organisation’s products and ethos. Its first success was a contract to support Oxfam with an initiative to reduce the operating costs of its global fleet of vehicles.

TGS and TerraMar discovered a desirable strategic partnership on both market and product grounds, but also a suitable cultural fit between the two organisations. TGS firmly believes in the benefit of providing additional expertise and solutions to the sector, with a view to enabling customers to run a safer and more efficient fleet operation. This in turn can produce positive knock-on effects, such as good developmental practice, reputation management, meetings donor expectations and delivering programmes efficiently.

Technology is a crucial means of constantly developing its solutions both to meet customer requirements and to take advantage of advancing technology in areas such as:

  • Wireless networks. including satellite, cellular, RFID and Bluetooth;
  • Electronics manufacture, which offers more advanced features at the same cost, including positioning, accelerometers, sensors and other peripherals;
  • Software interfaces, including smartphone apps, touchscreens and voice recognition; and
  • Data mining and analysis, including dashboard and business intelligence tools

Land cruiser 2   Land cruiser 3

Come and meet TGS and TerraMar in person and see their vehicle on stand D20 at AidEx 2018 in Brussels on 14 and 15 November by registering for free here.