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Following Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico’s water infrastructure was almost entirely destroyed, here’s how World Hope International worked with Katadyn Group to supply clean and safe drinking water.

As a world leader in the treatment and purification of drinking water, Swiss-based Katadyn Group is working closely with humanitarian aid organisations to provide a reliable supply of drinking water where it is needed around the world.

Following the devastation caused by hurricane’s Irma and Maria which took a tremendous toll on the Caribbean in 2017, Katadyn Group in co-operation with World Hope International, delivered relief goods to Puerto Rico whose fresh water infrastructure had been destroyed.

The intervention set out to distribute both water filters as well as sanitation kits to Puerto Ricans. It was vital to make contaminated surface water safe to drink and use for sanitation purposes to prevent the outbreak of infections and epidemics.

In order to achieve successful prevention of epidemics, it is important to provide as many people as possible in a short period of time with safe drinking water. In the capital city of San Juan, spring and tap water was available, but the filtration systems were out of action. Filtration has to happen at people’s homes until the local water infrastructure is fully restored.

The filters must meet the everyday hydration and sanitation needs of a family. Which is why each household was provided with one Katadyn BeFree 3L water filter as a temporary solution in order to prepare clean drinking water. This supply was crucial in preventing the outbreak of infections and epidemics.   

Key features of the filter

  • It provides safe, clean water for drinking and sanitation purposes
  • No training is needed to use the filter as the manuals are easy to understand and written in the local language
  • Limited assembly needed by the end-user as there are minimal components
  • No accessories or maintenance tools needed – no backflushing or syringe needed for the device prevents mishandling and improves user-friendliness
  • They are lightweight and compact which optimises logistics such as portability
  • Off-grid reliability ensures the filters can operate without an external power source

Overall, the Katadyn filter is a compact, lightweight and versatile water filter that can work for small groups and families following a natural disaster.

You can see the filter and meet the Katadyn team on stand D14 at AidEx 2018 in Brussels on 14 and 15 November. Register to attend for free here >>