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Through investigating the best possible means of utilising the production surplus generated with every fruit and vegetable crop, Nutripeople have developed a product that can be varied according to the needs of different communities.

The food supplement is made with pure fruit grown in Spain that is enriched with micronutrients and the most suitable proteins for the community it will feed.

Packed in 100ml thermosealed bags, the fruit mix is pasteurised, can be stable for 18 months and does not require cold or special storage conditions.

Nutripeople in Mauritiana

In 2017, Nutripeople carried out their first trial in partnership with Save the Children. 29,000 sachets of a pure fruit purée enriched with pea-protein were sent to one of the organisation’s projects in Mauritiana.

Pea-protein provides the high quality, slow absorption nutrients an adult, child, pregnant or lactating woman needs on a daily basis to avoid losing muscle mass.

During the one month trial, the NGO distributed the food supplement to communities which did not have consistent access to fresh fruit or vegetables, and endured malnutrition for extended time periods.

Popular amongst children in the community, the NGO said the product could be used as a means to positively reinforce good hygiene practices, by rewarding the children with a sachet when they properly washed their hands and face before eating.

David del Campo, General Manager of Save the Children in Spain, commented:

“Nutripeople was able to alleviate hunger effectively as the decline in the incidences of diseases that, until then, had been common in these communities, such as measles or the common cold, was evident.”

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