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Nissan’s new emergency vehicle is helping aid agencies provide rapid assistance in remote locations.

Having the right vehicle to respond to emergencies is integral to humanitarian aid response. Which is why Nissan has created their new four-wheel drive to help streamline operations in difficult environments.

The Nissan Patrol ambulance meets the needs of the UN and various humanitarian agencies, having become one of the most sought after models by international aid agencies in regions across Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean and Asia.

With a design that permits travel over rugged terrain, the Patrol ambulance enables aid agencies to provide rapid assistance in remote locations. Features include a stretcher, two folding seats and all necessary furniture for this type of vehicle which has an interior that can be assembled as a KIT.

In addition to the electrical system, this equipment can be easily installed and assembled anywhere in the world and consists of four complete modules; separation, roof, and right and left side panels.

Most important, is the immediate availability of these Patrol ambulances, which Nissan have called:

“The perfect solution to travel through broad horizons with the maximum guarantee and safety for all passengers in all situations”.

Nissan Patrol AMB 2  Nissan Patrol AMB 3

Visit Nissan Trading Co., at AidEx in Brussels this November 14 and 15 2018 where they will be exhibiting the new Patrol model. Register free here >>