Aidex Voices

The TraceRx platform is a simple to use system designed to track and trace any commodity across a fractured supply chain at a granular level.

Founder and CEO Matthew Rosen explains how the app was developed as a result of his frustration about the inefficiency and corruption inhibiting aid delivery.

TraceRx has been designed so that the user experience is as simple and inviting as possible so that users spend less time acclimating to the technology and more time benefiting from it.

Rosen is confident in the valuable insights that can be communicated in real time to drive key decisions with smart supply chains. He says, “by digitalising the supply chain and delivering information in real time we are empowering the supply chain and creating new paradigms for the humanitarian sector.”

Rosen does not believe everything can be solved with an app, but “the ones that augment the underlying real-world principles of aid and development are, in my opinion, of vital importance.” He recognises technology’s ability to assist the filtering of information and ultimately inspire humankind to, “go beyond our current landscape towards a bold new frontier.”

The app’s founder reiterates the need for the aid and development sector to positively embrace technology to bring education, harness resources and stop corruption, but stresses the importance of not losing sight, “of the value proposition that technology delivers to the human condition.”

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