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Javier Bustos is the managing director of the company GFM Fotovoltaica, an organisation offering viable photovoltaic solar solutions that enhance energy sustainability. In this interview with AidEx, Bustos discusses the portable solar solution for rural communities called the Suninbox, which will be on display in Brussels between the 14 and 15 November 2018 at stand C31.

What are your organisation’s objectives within the context of international aid and development?

At GFM we aim to develop simple, strong off-grid energy supply solutions, which are ‘plug-and-play’ and portable, so as to be quickly and easily transportable to support the aid and development community’s needs. 

Off-grid systems are complex, but as experts in this field we have developed Suninbox which supplies energy that uses just a container and trailer or trolley for portability. Suninbox as a result provides clean energy quickly to help rural people in particular.

Suninbox portable


What are the challenges of working in the humanitarian and development sector?

Working in rural areas in particular has its challenges. From finding people with the capacity to install the energy and then maintain it, to finding the physical parts required for specific environments. Admittedly, it is challenging to adapt to these kinds of local areas.

However, supplying energy where it is needed most is extremely satisfying. I like to work with NGOs because they understand the needs of vulnerable rural people and their social conditions which makes our job a lot easier.

What makes Suninbox stand out in the field amongst competitors, particularly in the solar power market?

Suninbox is a ready-to-use and portable solution structured with a complete minigrid. It requires merely opening the doors to start generating energy, with solar panels installed in a tracker and lithium batteries. These enable immediate energy release and entail low maintenance. Everything is tried, tested, no installation is needed, and it is readily transportable – an integral feature for contexts such as refugee camps and following natural disasters. if the community moves, Suninbox moves with them.

Suninbox 2