Aidex Voices

Ahead of AidEx 2017, we heard from Spencer Italia all about how their innovative inventions have been providing emergency service solutions in some of the most challenging circumstances.

Spencer Italia’s journey began in 1989 when it was founded by Luigi Spadoni, a man who has devoted his life to being an ambulance rescue volunteer. The organisation’s primary mission has been to always put patients first, while keeping the rescuers’ safety in mind. The result today is that Spencer’s stretchers, spinal boards, resuscitation devices and emergency backpacks are successfully helping emergency medical service (EMS) rescuers worldwide.

Case study: Hajj stretcher solution

During Hajj season, millions of pilgrims make their way to Islam’s holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia. Keeping the sea of people safe is a huge logistical challenge that has led to thousands being killed or injured in stampedes since the 1980s. The Saudi Red Crescent needed a solution to help rescue patients in the middle of the crowds.

Through performing in-depth technical research and tests, Spencer engineered a special stretcher that could be used. It developed an innovative outdoor mobile trolley that was able to assist the recovery and transport of critical patients by providing smooth and dynamic transport operations, particularly amidst high pressure crowds.

This is just one of many examples that highlight Spencer’s ambition to keep developing new products by investing in research, in order to ensure higher efficiency in the EMS field.

Spencer has a thirty-year history of providing quality, innovative and flexible products that help to save lives; a facet made possible by the company having the largest warehouse in Europe with emergency supplies ready for shipment. Its emergency devices operate across five continents and can deliver its services immediately to rescue units after disasters occur. World-renowned events such as the Olympics and global football championships have seen Spencer Italia become the most reliable providers of EMS equipment and systems.