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NSSLGlobal is an independent service provider of satellite communications and IT support, committed to delivering high quality data and voice services to customers anywhere in the world – regardless of location.

Communities which are unconnected from the internet or even traditional telephony suffer more than we often realise. Not only are they often shut off from the wider world, the world is cut off from them. This means our understanding of such communities, and the challenges they may be facing, remains unknown.

As a satellite technology provider, NSSLGlobal makes the biggest impact in areas where traditional forms of communication are not available: disaster zones and in remote communities. To help tackle the isolation of such areas, NSSLGlobal has established a partnership with Survival International, an organisation at the forefront of the global movement for the rights of tribal people.

The goal of the partnership was to give the Amazonian Yanomami tribe a voice and bring to light the struggles they face from deforestation, mining and land theft. NSSLGlobal provided Survival International with the necessary satellite communication and IT equipment, as well as the necessary training for NGO members and tribes people on how to use it, and ongoing technical support. The result? Helping an oft-misrepresented group of people a way to stand up for their rights and giving them a means to tell the world about the detrimental impact of illegal deforestation, construction and industrial activity.

This is just one of countless examples of the benefit of utilising satellite technology to keep remote communities connected. NSSLGlobal has also worked with a remote medical facility in Haiti, to connect doctors and staff with fellow healthcare professionals elsewhere in the world, allowing them to benefit from wider support, as well as staying in touch with their families. With renewed infrastructure and equipment, it becomes clear that being far away doesn’t have to mean being cut off from either work or home.