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Fleet Forum Training Programme

Fleet ForumThe AidEx Fleet Excellence Training took place at AidEx 2017 at Brussels Expo in Brussels, Belgium.

Fleet Excellence Training has a direct impact on staff members in aid/ development organisations that are operating a vehicle fleet. Participants will have the opportunity to reduce costs, increase safety, and reduce their environmental footprint. By transferring practical knowledge and skills, organisations also increase the professionalism of their fleet operations.

Over the past few years Fleet Forum has developed practical, hands-on training that increase the knowledge and skills of field staff in the area of fleet management, fleet safety, and clean fleets. The workshops are specifically designed for the aid /development sector and aim to make fleet operations more cost efficient, to increase staff safety, and to reduce the environmental impact of fleet operations. Read more about Fleet Forum here.

Although practical in operation, the training also provides opportunities for participants to work on more strategic topics in this area, such as strategy development, managerial action planning, and risk assessments.

The training programme will include:

  • Access to fleet management e-learning modules, which will help participants learn the basics at their own pace before the training in Brussels
  • Classroom training which will include fleet management, fleet safety management and clean fleet strategy modules
  • A special thematic workshop and a chance to network with fleet managers at country, regional and global level
  • A guided tour of the AidEx exhibition and opportunity to meet fleet suppliers

Fleet ForumPlease Note: successful applicants will be given €1,000 towards their travel and accommodation.

This training programme is aimed at senior and middle managers at field level. More information about the programme can be found here.



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